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It'll Be a Blast

For too long, nucleic acid quality control has been a choice between good data and a practical workflow. Not anymore. Fragment Analyzer™ allows you to setup a run in seconds and get high-separation resolution in minutes. Hands free.

Electrophoresis made easy

Fragment Analyzer automates capillary electrophoresis. And there’s simply no substitute for assessing DNA/RNA quality and quantity. Our customers have taken resolution down to 2 bp. There are no chips. No tapes. No compromises.

Typical Separation—Speed and Resolution

Get a clearer picture of sample quality.

Automated and versatile

Pipette once and Fragment Analyzer does the rest—wiping out handling errors and giving you clean results in as few as 15 minutes. Go from a few samples a day up to 96 an hour and switch effortlessly between applications, including:

  • Next-gen sequencing
  • RNA research
  • Whole genome
  • Microsatellite

Don’t let quality control you

Fill out the form and get reliable sample QC without the hassle